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"People arenʹt going to the movies. Theyʹre playing videogames.

In 2011, cinema attendance nosedived. Meanwhile, a single game was making a billion dollars – in just 16 days. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 was the fastest‐selling entertainment property in any medium, ever.

By the end of its launch day over 7 million multiplayer hours had been logged as gamers blasted their pals in online combat. The prime movie‐going demographic of 18‐24 year old men were thinking: why watch a movie, when you can live inside one?

Generation Xbox: How Videogames Invaded Hollywood uncovers the love/hate relationship between gaming and Hollywood ‐ and asks what it means for the future of entertainment.

It’s a wild, creative story that begins with Steven Spielberg choking on dope fumes in the offices of Atari in the 80s, before hurtling through a story of disaster, triumph and Angelina Jolie in hotpants.

Along the way, weʹll hear how the Dragonʹs Lair coin‐op pissed off Disney; the untold story of how Don Simpson and Stanley Kubrick reacted to Full Motion Video; the rise and fall of Sonyʹs Interfilm experiment; the culture clash over the aborted Halo movie; and how companies like Microsoft, Rockstar and Ubisoft are changing the entertainment landscape for everyone, forever.

Based on over 100 interviews with leaders in both camps ‐ from Nolan Bushnell to Gabe Newell; Paul W.S. Anderson to Neill Blomkamp ‐ Generation Xbox is the Easy Riders, Raging Bulls of videogames.

Generation Xbox is ready to play. Are you?"

EMOTION IN MOTION, the climactic chapter in Jamie Russell's acclaimed historical account of the rise of the interactive cinematic experience and profiles the leading figures in defining the next chapter in realistic digital human performances: David Cage, James Cameron and Remington Scott.

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