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Remington Scott, PCAP, most realistic digital human, motion capture director, motion capture supervisor, performance capture, Doc Manhattan, amazing cg,
Remington Scott Special Projects Computer Graphics Supervisor


remington scott, performance capture director, motion capture director, pcap director, best pcap director, best digital humans, amazing cg, VO director, motion capture supervisor, realistic digital humans

Special Projects Computer Graphics Supervisor
Character Animator


Sony Imageworks is responsible for creating the all computer generated character of Doc Manhattan, recorded from actor Billy Crudup on-set utilizing proprietary 'low footprint' technology that replaced an array of traditional motion capture cameras with a system of 128 bit encrypted tracking markers and dual HD cameras. 


Led by Producer Eric Scott and VFX Supervisor Pete Travers, Remington worked with a team that included Bruce Dobrin, Demian Gordon, Parag Havaldar and Josh Ochoa to develop the unique proprietary performance animation recording environment and pipeline.


Utilizing stereo-scopic HD cameras and a proprietary image based real time optical scanner developed by Parag Havaldar, Remington directed the FACS and facial acquisition session of actor Billy Crudup. 


Remington continued through the remainder of post production, focusing on bringing the facial performances of Billy Crudup beyond where the motion capture process was limited.


As an animator, Remington keyframed Doc Manhattans facial performances through final shots.

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