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"Outstanding Animated Character in a Live Action Picture"


Visual Effects Society


Remington Scott nominated for his work on Sandman


Remington Scott PCAP director, motion capture director, motion capture supervisor, performance capture director, spider-man amazing cg, sandman, outstanding animated character in a live action picture,


Special Projects Computer Graphics Supervisor
Character Animator


Remington supervised and directed performance capture sessions featuring Thomas Haden Church (Flint Marko / Sandman), Topher Grace (Eddie Brock / Venom) and James Franco (Harry Osborne / Goblin) for SPIDER-MAN 3. 


In the 'Birth of Sandman' sequence, Remington worked closely with Animation Supervisor Spencer Cook and Character Setup TD Brian Burks to ensure that the erosion of facial features did not remove Thomas Haden Church's expressiveness that was key to conveying the characters emotional state. 


Utilizing clips of performance capture from actor Thomas Haden Church that were recorded before principle photography began, Remington sampled elements of a calibrated library of muscle and facial motion in order to modify the performance for director Sam Raimi's approval. Although timing and actions were recombined and sampled into a new performance, the facial motion retained it's essential uniqueness of Thomas Haden Church's muscle actions, which allowed his personality to 'read' through the digital sand simulated character.


The facial pipeline for SPIDER-MAN 3, including rigging and animation was overseen by Remington.  

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