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Motion Capture Supervisor / Producer


Remington produced and supervised the motion captured characters featured in THE ANI-MATRIX: FINAL FLIGHT OF THE OSIRIS, the all computer generated theatrically released short created at Square Pictures.


In 2001, shortly before the release of FINAL FANTASY: THE SPIRITS WITHIN, The Wachowski's commissioned Square Pictures to create a short film companion piece to “The Matrix: Reloaded” that would expand the Matrix universe. 


Highly regarded as one of the most unique fight sequences in film, THE ANI-MATRIX: FINAL FLIGHT OF THE OSIRIS opens with a high flying acrobatic martial arts sword fight between two blindfolded lovers, Jue and Thaddeus, who systematically shred each others clothes with razor sharp Katanas. 


Jue and Thaddeus' characters are defined in this sequence through their unique motion. Jue moves in a style reminiscent of Wushu combat that is graceful and flowing. Her aerial acrobatic actions are fluid and powerful. Thaddeus's actions are more grounded and masculine, he fights in the manner of the Samurai that is reminiscent of Zato Ichi.


In order to create the most realistic and unique combat actions possible, Remington cast several actresses for different moments of the sequence. In post, each performers actions were seamlessly blended together. 


Anne Au performed all martial arts combat. Daughter and protege of Martial Arts Coordinator Master Seng Au, she  rehearsed the choreography for several weeks until her sword motions were unnaturally fast and her form perfect. No motion was sped up in post as that would disturb the weight of the characters actions.


Remington refused to use wire work due to the unnatural way that it suspends the law of gravity and the flow of human action, therfore all aerial actions were performed by a different artist, Alicia Vela-Bailey, a gymnast and stunt double whose performances can be seen in AVATAR, ENDERS GAME, TOTAL RECALL. Alicia utilized several Olympic sized trampolines to achieve superhuman heights and natural flowing aerial actions. 


Finally, actress Jewl Anguay, performed all dramatic action and dialogue. The motion of all three actresses was blended seamlessly together to create a unified realistic performance.

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