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Special Projects Computer Graphics Supervisor 


Sony Pictures Imageworks produced the computer graphics for this intense update of the I AM LEGEND novel by Richard Matheson. 


It is of the highest level of importance to record the actors performance accurately on-set. Experience and understanding of the complete pipeline are necessary to ensure that the performance capture session is successful. If that data is unusable and there are no second chances to record it on-set, a new methodology needs to be developed.


In this case, an external vendor was hired by the studio to record the actors facial expressions on-set.  However, the facial data was insuficiant for the required fidelity of quality.  


The challenge of working on projects that need to be 're-examined' or 'fixed' while in production affords Remington the ability to implement successful production standards that have been proven in large scale VFX films such as SPIDER-MAN 3 and BEOWULF, as well as new advanced procedures that are under R&D development and could use additional funding. 


Led by Producer Crys Forsyth-Smith and VFX Supervisor Jim Berney,  Remington worked with a team that included Bruce Dobrin, Demian Gordon, Parag Havaldar and Bill Beemer to develop a unique proprietary performance animation recording environment and pipeline.


The team organized a post recording session with Director Francis Lawrence to re-record selected takes. Utilizing high definition and motion capture data from the alpha male acting talent, Dash Mihok, as well as a unique FACS session directed by Remington Scott, a database of facial animation was created. Utilizing this pipeline they extrapolated accurate 3D facial data from the on-set reference 2D film plates.


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