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Actress and media sensation Fan Bing Bing has digitally cloned herself using a proprietary process developed by Remington Scott Productions (RSP) which will support her continued growth in new media so she can entertain audiences for future generations to come. Her first feature film to utilize this process is LORD: LEGEND OF RAVAGING DYNASTIES.


Original Force 3D, the visual effects and animation powerhouse in Asia, has brought on Remington Scott's digital human production company, RSP, to create the principle characters for the all computer generated performance capture trilogy of feature films.

GEMINI TECHNOLOGY, developed for production in high resolution IMAX 3D feature films, re-creates the exact likeness of the actor. Skin is de-aged and beautified, essentially turning back the clock to a more youthful age, yet retaining the essential details.


The proprietary technology has taken over 20 years of development in both R&D and production on Academy Award winning visual effects feature films and blockbuster video games.  The de-aging process is not a blurring effect that reduces details, but instead acts as a time machine removing the layers of damage and age while, most importantly, not changing structure or fidelity. 



The real beauty of this formula is below the surface: every muscle of the face, head and neck is recorded and calibrated in a process called Maximum Resolution. A detailed digital muscle simulation is created that replicates the exact motion of facial expressions which results in performances that transcend technology and allow the actor to shine through.


All of the faces seen here are created for both maximum quality and performance. These heads are not only seen in IMAX 3D they are also able to emote in real-time in a game engine for Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality. The future of entertainment is set to flourish amid media platforms that are in currently in use, in their infancy and as yet unrealized. The digital face assets are built to survive and flourish across current and undeveloped technologies.

Above, actress Fan Bing Bing drives the performance capture system at OF3D in this all computer generated test footage that showcases the realistic nuances of her performance. Director Guo Jingling fine tunes her skin luminosity.

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