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Successful Leadership Experiences on Blockbuster Feature Films and High Profile Interactive Entertainment

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"Hollywood is under attack from video games. Movies defined the 20th century but games are now pushing them aside as the medium that captures our time, fascination and money."


EMOTION IN MOTION, the climactic chapter in Jamie Russell's acclaimed historical account of the rise of the interactive cinematic experience, GENERATION XBOX HOW VIDEO GAMES INVADED HOLLYWOOD, profiles the leading figures in defining the next chapter in realistic digital humans: David Cage, James Cameron and Remington Scott


Bringing to life memorable high-profile

characters is a staple of Remington's success.






The movies that changed the way we make movies...

EMPIRE ONLINE's feature article lists game-changing moments in special effects history- 'the films that did things in a new and innovative way.'


Among the choices for the most significant moments between Star Wars and Gravity,

FINAL FANTASY: THE SPIRITS WITHIN is recognized for it's innovation as the first full motion captured movie. Remington Scott directed and produced the motion capture for that picture.


Another more comprehensive list from FILMSITE, details The Greatest Visual and Special Effects Milestones in Film from the earliest achievements in the 1880's to present day. Remington has contributed to seven films in the list.






Thirty years of experience in the interactive and feature film industries supervising digital production, directing creativity and developing proprietary technologies are the foundations that Remington draws upon to create meaningful connections with digital life.


Remington has authored patents for Sony that describe advanced methodologies for realistic digital human animation which can be seen on feature films such as AVATAR, THE PLANET OF THE APES, THE HOBBIT, etc. 


Capturing and processing facial motion data

PATENT # 8,218,825 B2


The following animation patents were used in production for BEOWULF as well as for games including NEED FOR SPEED: THE RUN.  


Eye movement data replacement in motion capture

PATENT # 7,764,283


System and method for tracking facial muscle and eye motion for computer graphics animation

PATENT # 7,554,549 


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