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Today the worlds of digital humans are robust and flourishing in video games, virtual entertainment, metaverse, streaming and film. Digital humans are taking all shapes and forms from caricatures to hyperreal digital humans and everything in the spectrum between.

Digital human companies are one of the most exciting growth sectors in technology for the 21st century. Soon everyone will have a digital identity representative across all virtual ecosystems. My vision is a platform and marketplace for protection, monetization and control of your one true digital likeness across all ecosystems.  

I've been fortunate to have contributed to ripples that become tsunami's and have rode those waves. My experiences have prepared me for the next big step forward in the evolution of technology development. I'm thrilled to share with you some of my experiences.

Journey with me through this curated site featuring some of my contributions in building the business of emotionally real digital humans - from the first digitized home video games in the 1980's - to the first motion capture studio in the world dedicated to entertainment - to directing the motion capture on the first hyperrealistic feature film - to achieving Academy Award recognition -  to addressing emerging technology and creating use cases such as registering the first hyperreal digital human on the blockchain -  and building the business of Hyperreal digital twins and digital identity

Everyday presents new possibilities to challenge myself and explore innovative solutions with creators, producers, directors, artists, technicians and engineers in the spirit of building positive and exciting new future opportunities. 

Thank you for visiting my site!


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Supervising member of several Academy Award winning visual effects teams including THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE TWO TOWERS and SPIDER-MAN 2. Recipient of the Advanced Imaging Societies Lumiere Award for Best Augmented Reality Experience for Netflix's Altered Carbon global activation.

Nominations include the category of "Outstanding Animated Character in a Live Action Picture" by the Visual Effects Society.


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